Who is La Boa Brava?

She is Bright Sunshine.
A Passing Rain.
Dark and Stormy.

Scented Flowers.
She is Brave.

A Trail of Clouds.


La Boa Brava is a mixed metal artisan jewelry brand by designer Hannah Staiger. 
Each piece is handcrafted out of sterling silver, brass and gold with the occasional gemstone, using simple hand powered metalsmith tools to evoke a feeling of enduring unpredictable spirit that can be authenticated by the wearer.

Inspired by her move back to the Pioneer Valley after 15 years of life on the island of Culebra off Puerto Rico. Her current work is a journey in search of peace while balancing past, present and future. Finding joy in forming objects, like small portals for our awareness, that hold space in our everyday life for the impermanent windows of time we endeavor to pass through. 

The conscious choice she makes to not use electricity in the production process is a commentary on the state of the two islands currently running on diesel generators over a year after Hurricanes Irma & Maria. La Boa Brava stands to function in solidarity with the islands using minimal power until it can be fully restored on the islands of Culebra and Vieques.

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